A New Generation “Shangliu Mei”

A New Generation “Shangliu Mei”

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Who is the representative figure of the Hollywood New Wave? Who can stimulate the fashion consumer recession? Who are the fashion off screen drama indicators? Together, these three conditions point to a name – Blake Lively.Image result for blake lively

People to the “Gossip Girl” became popular actress had concluded a secret: “She has Jennifer Aniston’s frank eyes, bright smile, Cameron Diaz, Jessica Simpson’s big wave of hair and 20 year-old youth invincible! ”

Wardrobe is more important than the degree

Black what advantage? Young! Men like beautiful young woman, but the top surface must be young.

19-year-old starred in U.S. TV show “Gossip Girl”, Blake still a little half-hearted. She was born performing family, the father is not very red, director, mother is a good manager, brother and sister are active in showbiz behind the scene. Black screen mounted at the age of 11, his father directed the film “sand people” playing a little fairy. However, as a high school student council and the Black cheerleader, a good student with dreams of – to Stanford University, studied literature or law. 15 years old, little sister do not do that actor brother Eric is too wasted to take pictures sent for her agent, sent a number of small budget films made in reference to the director, and she was young movie “Jeans Summer” picked.

That summer, play with the mentality of holding Blake completed debut. “Traveling Pants” welcomed and applauded, the audience saw a Star of Hope sunny. She frequently appears in the size of the screen, whether big or small role in the role, are to perform. In 2007, the “Gossip Girl” filming, she stands out hundreds of actresses, she is entirely re-engraved novel Serena – tall, blond, long legs, white skin. Once, she was still in college and hovering between an actor too, but when the producers told her that sponsored the “Gossip Girl” brand, she immediately nodded. “You mean I can move to New York, you can wear these incredibly extravagant costumes, but also may have appropriated them? Wardrobe is more important than the degree, huh, huh.”

Upper-class kind of beauty gossip

The “Sex and the City,” said the girl version of “Gossip Girl” in the decisions based on the story quickly became popular, the drama unfolding in New York high society luxury living has become a hot topic, as the first female, Black and quickly occupied the media and audience eye. She played the “Serena” has almost become a spokesman for New York’s Upper East, the United States Daniu style mixed with high society of innocence and arrogance, brought up the “high gossip beauty” of the wave. She and another female Meester wearing a contemporary young girl models.

“Gossip Girl” returned to the Black love and friendship, she and her actor Badgely play DanHumphrey love, after breaking up last year, the two are still friends. As for the printing of jealousy between her and Meester rumors, she thought that was absurd: “We work 18 hours a day, and then exhausted, there is no gimmick can be made.”

American TV is that many actors a springboard to the big screen, movie actor to become the Black are “Gossip Girl” winter break non-stop filming movies. She did not mind quite limited to youth Daniu route: “the private lives of Pippa Lee” is a real art piece; “city within a Thief,” in which she also plays the underworld of unmarried women giving birth; She was also invited to guest big gathering of the “New York, I love you.” File this summer, she and starring Ryan Reynolds, “Green Lantern” will also be released worldwide. More message that says “Sex and the City” prequel “Summer in theCity” will start shooting, exactly like Carrie’s Blake naturally become the chosen one, the story will be about Carrie was young hard life in New York.

“Walking in the streets, from 6-year-old girl to a woman 60 years old, all recognize me, this feeling weird.” Black admits, “I never in life as a celebrity himself to look at home I will always be daddy’s little girl. ”

The New Yorker has the heart of Paris stars

Blake Lively Lee has not only become a popular commodity in the film industry has also become fashionable circles of new blood. “Her unique, dressed always thoughtful.” “Vogue” for her comments. Blake admitted by the New York fashion sense and cultural impact, “Living in New York, you naturally will put a pencil jeans, boots, leather jacket, and then carry on a bag, attitude naturally came out, this is a very instinctive thing children. ”

December 2010, “The New York Times” published in 2010 of 110 New Yorkers love to talk about things, with the U.S. version of “Vogue” magazine editor in chief, known as “Monster” of Anna Wintour’s favor on the Black become one of the favorite topics to talk about, ranking 56th. Blake has hit 3 times on 1 year “Vogue” cover records for all the veteran actress a shame. Anna, personally took her to Paris Fashion Week, told her to sit around watching fashion shows, famous for her all the introductions of a designer, before the Eiffel Tower wearing her gold Dior dress super beautiful photographs, a 6000 inlaid Swarovski Shiqi crystal. All to the force, is not simply cast doubt on the Black “Monster,” the illegitimate daughter!

The “Monster” that cheat, beat Black Queen Street, quickly became the dominant and the red carpet, she super love chanel and red soled shoes, so that out of a specifically Christian Louboutin is the name of her new shoes, and chanel Master direct to invite her to do the new Carl Miss Chanel.

As a New Yorker, she loved all of Paris, her dream is to make a restaurant boss in Paris, because she is always hungry. “I like the decoration, so I am willing to do an interior designer. I also love cooking. If you own a restaurant, you can not only cook, but also personally decorated to create a better environment at home.” In Paris , she had deliberately ran the famous cooking school “Blue Ribbon” apprenticeship.

But the popularity of the Black, the most realistic or the movies, red carpet and fashion shows!

Blake Lively on the benefits

? Black blond blonde with an admirable, and now her hair has become the trend point to the standard, many girls will go to hair salon said, pointing to a picture of her hair that serena. But her secret is very simple, that is to reduce the hot dyeing, to keep clean.

? legs of her legs has become a symbol and a selling point, in order to maintain long legs, she insisted on doing sports, with some olive oil. Do not think she is a celebrity diet, a reporter interviewed her had to admit this girl is too eat.

? admits her love of designer brand control, “I’ve got 100 brand-name packages.” Is her favorite bag chanel, favorite shoes are Christian Louboutin, favorite dress is marchesa, but also like cheap and chic. Sign and the big match of civilians up, is her pleasure.

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