Edie Sedgwick’s Brief Life of Fashion, Glamour and Fame

By Phin Upham

Edie Sedgwick, born Edith Minturn Sedgwick, had a rough childhood despite her privileged up-bringing. She was quite insecure about men, even though she was beautiful and adored by nearly everyone she met. Her early life was spent in Santa Barbara, where she was raised with a sense of superiority over her peers. She was cared for by nannies and home schooled, so her life was quite sheltered.

She frequently engaged in binging and purging, and was committed to a mental hospital in 1962. Although she did improve shortly after her time, her psychological issues remained.

In 1964, her brother Francis would commit suicide after suffering through several mental breakdowns as a result of their father. She was ripe for experimenting with drugs, and she found solace in LSD. During that period of her life, she met Andy Warhol and became one of his film stars. Although his films rarely saw any kind of critical acclaim, Sedgwick was rapidly gaining prominence in the art world.

After her time as part of Warhol’s inner circle, Sedgwick found herself staying at the Chelsea Hotel. There, she met a young folk singer named Bob Dylan, who encouraged her to sign up with his manager. Rumos abound that the two had an affair, but nothing was ever made clear.

She eventually married Michael Post, a fellow patient she’d met when she was committed to the Cottage Hospital in the summer of 1970. She had been sober until October, when she’d begun abusing barbiturates and alcohol. She died November 15th of 1971, asleep next to her husband, at the age of 28.

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