If Estate Jewelry Sounds Nervous and Appealing, Read This

downtonArticle by Fresh Boutique Inc.

If you’re considering shopping for antique engagement rings, like the kind you see in television shows like Downton Abbey, then you’re probably familiar with estate sales. These sales can be fun and interesting glimpses into some provocative jewellery, but they can also feel uncomfortable for newbies. Once you get over these myths, say the buyers at Cynthia Findlay Antiques, buying from an estate will become second nature.

Myth 1: Pieces Have a Bad History

The most common myth about vintage engagement rings is that they are somehow cursed, or there is a bad history associated with it. The reality is that people change their tastes, they need money or they’re simply looking to downsize a very large estate. This happens a lot with inheritances, where those without as many means inherit a great deal of a loved one’s collection. It just doesn’t make sense to hold these pieces, except for the sentimental ones, so the families often choose liquidation.

Myth 2: Poor Quality

Another fairly common myth is that the piece is actually a costume piece, or that it’s custom jewellery from Toronto modeled to look like the real thing. Even if it was modeled, it would use some of the same gemstones and metals. The only thing missing is the history of that piece (the physical age of it).

However, quality is a very real concern when buying from a private dealer. You can ask to have the piece appraised before you purchase it, or you can buy from a licensed dealer. This way, you’ll have some assurance what you’re buying is authentic.