7 Gift-giving mistakes to avoid this holiday season

Gift boxes with bow and snowflakes

Gift boxes with bow and snowflakes

Buying gifts for a loved one or friend during the holiday season can be difficult. This process is made even more complicated with more people opting to do their discount shopping online. Here are some valuable tips that will help your selection process.

Avoid anything with a tricky fit – Although you may know someone, buying clothes that fit him or her can be difficult. Opt for something like a wrap dress or a bathrobe that does not necessarily need to be fitted.

Do pieces with personal touches – Personal touches like monogrammed notebooks, coasters and mugs are affordable and personalized.

Avoid anything too particular – Look at neutral colors when choosing things like scarves, gloves, and wallets. Avoid buying fabrics in leopard print, snakeskin or stripes, as it may not suit everyone’s taste.

Do candles – Everyone loves scented candles. Just make sure the scents are soft and subtle.

Don’t buy something they may have – For example, if someone you know loves a particular beauty product, chances are they will have the latest product released.

Do get them things that they have complimented you on- If someone loved your necklace, clutch or dress, you can always buy them something similar.

Avoid buying grooming items – Buy someone a special hand cream or a lotion, but avoid buying a skin care range that involves regimen.

The best online shopping for gifts should include products that provide a detailed description so that you are not disappointed once the product arrives.