6 Top Celebrity Beauty “Don’ts”

It’s natural that we admire their looks under the bright lights and want them for ourselves. But even with an array of Image result for 6 Top Celebrity Beauty “Don’ts”makeup artists and stylists, even celebrities get it wrong when it comes to beauty.

Here’s a look at some of the major “don’ts” and beauty blunders even image-conscious celebrities make.

#1 Smoky eyes + Red Lips
Some Celebrities mix both, hoping for a dramtic effect. We get it, but it usually don’t work—it ends up being more suited for kabuki than the red carpet. And for regular gals out at night, two dramatic areas also lessen impact. The classic rule of “either-or” makes sense and in this case, is not a rule worth breaking.

#2 Too Much Work
We’ve all seen photos of celebrities who have gone overboard with surgery and procedures. What should be firm, plump cheeks look like someone who is storing nuts for the winter. Hardcore work around the eyes can tighten the skin around them so much that a celebrity loses the luminosity from their look, literally. The key here is to research procedures thoroughly and take it one step at a time—to mention, listen to your doctor.

#3 Not Matching Face to Body
Often celebrities use a nice tanner to give their bodies a gorgeous glow, but they forget their faces. So their face is two or three shades lighter than their bodies. But with the right bronzer, they can even this out so face matches body.

#4 Ghostly Traces
Even if a powder with silica and other minerals looks great in person, with a flash it can show up as pale white traces that are not flattering. So if you’re headed someplace with lots of photo ops, do some test shots with your makeup first to make sure the flash doesn’t give you a ghost face.
Also, you can get a ghost face when your concealer is too light for your skin tone. For a while, concealer that’s lighter than your skin tone was a rule, but matching is better.

#5 No Buffing
Sometimes makeup can be applied to certain areas to highlight them nicely, like cheeks, leaving the eye area with less color and an overall uneven look. A bit of buffing is usually enough to even things out.

#6 Too Much Bronzer
As much as we love it for the glow, it needs to be used judiciously: dust it on the brow, cheeks, maybe tip of the nose and chin, blending color as you go. But celebrities go overboard and swab it everywhere, so they’re glowing way too much and this gives them an odd, unnatural appearance.