Four Jackets Every Woman Must Own

Written by Jacket Society

There are four types of modern jackets for women that one must own to cover every occasion. They are:

The blazer: A blazer is a fantastic way to dress up a casual look. A fitted navy blazer that hugs the waist looks smart but also says you’re not trying too hard. Wear with a pair of jeans and above a t-shirt and it is the perfect informal wear for everyday or socializing with friends at a bar or club. If you’re feeling bold, maybe go for a white blazer and blue jeans. Wear a blazer over a blouse and you are looking smart, professional and ready for work. Gold buttons on a navy blazer look great. It is the perfect multiuse jacket that will serve all occasions. Options include single or double breasted. A light cotton or linen material is ideal for summer and in the cooler months a heavier woolen material is best. Whatever your figure, a nice fitted blazer can accentuate your curves in all the right places.

The Leather Jacket: All women need to own a leather jacket, don’t go out and buy any leather designer jackets for women. Leather jackets are not just for guys and heavy metal fans! It is the perfect choice for spring or fall when it’s not too cold but you still need some warmth. It also allows you to let out a little bit of your wild side with a rock chick look. A nicely fitted leather jacket gives a really great cool and relaxed aesthetic. There are a couple of golden rules when buying leather jackets though that must be adhered to at all times. Firstly, it must be real, good quality leather – anything else looks cheap and tacky and will soon see some wear. Secondly, always stick to black – any other colors just look strange. The great thing about leather jackets is that a good one can be your default jacket that will last many years because they are hard wearing and never go out of style.

The Elegant Overcoat: The Elegant Overcoat is an absolute must for those winter months to keep out the cold. I actually look forward to winter so I can start wearing my overcoat again. Aside from keeping you warm, they can look so elegant and sophisticated. They are typically woolen and heavy enough to stop you from getting a chill. An overcoat should always come down below the waist at the very least, and preferably down to the knees. The great thing about overcoats is that you can choose a variety of colors; black or grey for a subtle style, or even a vivid red. With elegant overcoats, a vibrant color doesn’t have to look out of place. They are perfect for going to work in winter on top of your formal clothes and also if you’re headed to a restaurant, bar or club. Wear it on top of a sexy little dress with a pair of heels and you will look to die for.

The Classic Trench: Trench jackets are a long-standing staple of the fashion world, and for good reason. They are perfect for spring when it’s not quite warm enough to leave the jacket at home or in fall when the weather starts to get a little bit damp. Trench coats are lightweight, very simple and are perfect to pop over whatever you are wearing. It can be both smart and casual. Wearing it over a pair of jeans to pop out to go shopping or see friends is a fantastic, relaxed look that is still stylish. Wear it over your work clothes to the office and it will look professional. A slim fitting trench coat over a plain top is a fantastic, simple option that requires no effort. Some of the cutest trench coats are double breasted that button up to the top and tie round the waist. The classic color is a cream or beige but other nice options are navy, black or charcoal grey. Try a darker jacket over a simple white top for a classic European touch.

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