French style secrets you can use

So you want to look as though you stepped off the fashion runways of Paris without actually going to the city of lights? Have no fear; Dev Randhawa brings you a couple of the best French style secrets you can practice on a daily basis. The added bonus is that these secrets are not going to cost an arm and a leg.

Wear what looks good on you

While this might sound like a trite little truism, the fact of the matter is that French women have been found to wear what they think looks good on them, rather than what a magazine is telling them to wear. They also tend to base their look on what they see on the street, rather than in print or on television.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors have long been the building blocks when it comes to clothes that look like they came out of Paris. This means you need to look for clothes that are tan, navy blue and black. Build on those colors as a base and you’ll have a simple yet very nice looking wardrobe.

Hair dye over dying clothes

One of the biggest truisms when it comes to sultry french are just how hot and sexy redheads in Paris are. Try out a new look with your own red locks and you’ll look as though you belong in the city of lights. Just make sure you find the right color. You still want it to look natural.