Simple Ways to Decrease Screen-Related Aches

Screen usage is very common but researchers have studied the effects it has on the body. A more realistic approach than refraining from using any sort of screen would be to change how you approach them. Taking the measures to decrease the discomfort when you can can make drastic changes in a very short amount of time. The most common kind of strain will usually boil down to two main factors: intensity of exposure and time spent exposed.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Your optometrist has likely explained the effects lights can have on your eyes. Wearing acuvue 2 lenses can help improve distance-related vision problems, such as nearsightedness and farsightedness. However, not having the right eye protection can leave your eyes vulnerable to light-related vision issues. For instance, depending on your pupil size, you might get tired eyes after walking around outside under the sun.

Most screens, from your work monitor to your handheld gaming console, have a setting that will allow you to either raise or lower the brightness. Working at lower brightness levels will keep your eyes feeling fresh, especially during long sessions.

Track Usage

Another way you can decrease the amount of eye strain you experience from screen usage is by tracking how long you use them for. This might not be an option for work-related matters but this can be useful with more leisurely activities. Some smartphones can show you how often you check your phone and how much time you spend on each app. Buying new contacts on may be necessary but you may realize you can cut back on social media usage.