Different Men’s Hairstyle Options


Written by: A Fashionable Mind

Choosing the perfect hairstyle can prove to be a difficult task for men mainly because they do not have the same alternatives as women, who can wear their hair long, short, medium, curly, straightened, died in any color they want and basically styled as they like. Well, for men the choices are not so varied and this is why they have a hard time in finding the hairstyle that is perfect.

To begin with, most men choose to cut their hair short and wear it cropped, apply a styling product and leave the hair mostly as it is. This look is fresh, it doesn’t need too much time to be taken care of and women seem to really like it. Other men prefer to remove all of their hair and go bald. This is said to be a popular solution amongst men, as it is easy to take care of, although they have to make sure their skin looks good.

Other men like to have their hair really short, but not bald- this is called the military haircut and is said to be particularly comfortable, as the hair does not need styling, nor does it need the care given to bald skin. Undoubtedly, some men prefer having longer hair, some even longer than women. In men with long hair we can find as many hairstyles as in women, as they wear their hair curly or straightened, in pony tails or loose on the back.