The best way to reduce fat absorption and repair nerve damage

Research shows that EGCG and other chemicals known as catechins contained in green tea have a beneficial effect on weight loss and preventing fat absorption. More specifically catechins in green tea interfered with digestion and absorption of fat in human body. This is why green tea is getting increasingly popular among health consciences. On the other hand water soluble Vitamin B and C are absorbed through the intestinal walls and stored in the liver and adipose tissue to use when needed and help fight inflammation and repair nerve damages. What better way to get the benefits of green tea and Vitamins than Cellan Diet Pills?

Main ingredients contained in Cellan Diet Pills includes dried and powdered inner parts of African Mango, 100 percent green tea extract, an exclusive berry blend, Vitamin C and B3, and others. That’s why Cellan Diet Pills is the best supplement to prevent fat absorption, lose weight, and improve the functionality of your nerves system. Recent findings indicate that African Mango helps to lose weight in humans. Go online and watch a video at to find out more about Cellan Diet Pills and its effectiveness in reducing fat absorption.