The Angelina Tearoom’s Cold and Frozen Delights

The Angelina Tearoom is best known for their unrivaled hot chocolate but they actually offer some incredible cold treats as well. After a long day of strolling around Paris, there’s no better way to perk up than a visit to the tearoom on Rivoli to sample their cold delights.

Unknown to many, the world-famous Angelina Hot Chocolate is actually available over ice. This cold beverage is more toned down in richness but is just as decadent as its hot counterpart. You’ll definitely be able to appreciate the depth of chocolate flavors brought about by the three types of African cacao used to make this.

Another must-try is any among Angelina’s famed ice cream sundaes. Our definite favorite is the Coupe Rumpelmayer which highlights a unique chestnut flavor, another thing that the tearoom is famous for. Though it also includes a scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dollop of whipped cream, the star of this sundae is definitely the Piedmont hazelnut ice cream and its topping of caramelized hazelnuts.

If a sundae is too much, you may opt to order ice cream in scoops of either 2 or 3. Every order comes topped with whipped cream. Among their most popular flavors are chestnut, hazelnut, pistachio, vanilla, dark chocolate, and salted butter caramel. They also offer some incredibly refreshing sorbets. Excellent sorbet choices include lemon, pear, mango, raspberry, and strawberry.

The Angelina Tearoom always has something in store for you, especially after a long, tiring day of sightseeing. With cold and frozen selections such as these, there’s nothing you can order that will leave you regretful of your visit.