Fashion for the C-Suite

Article written by Sid Solomon

Fashion can be hot work as May turns to June and July, especially for mature women with a sartorial bent. A lot of fashion is aimed at the streets, the opera, or the beach; meanwhile, more professional womenswear can be hard to come by without sacrificing the ability to engage with up-to-the-minute fashion trends. Fear not, there’s no need to surrender. Some surprising names in fashion have put up modern and professional Spring/Summer and Resort lines for 2015. In the past celebrity fashion lines have had a bad rap, but current designers like Jessica Simpson are not just surviving, they’re thriving. Recently, it has been reported that Jessica Simpson’s line has topped $1 billion in sales annually. Other fashion collaborations, like the Limited/Scandal spring line, bring flashes of inspiration by bypassing or working with the fashion house system. Here are some tips on designer jackets for women from Spring/Summer andResort collections by celebrity designers.

Image result for Fashion for the C-SuiteEfficient Femme

Inspired by the Shonda Rhimes drama juggernaut “Scandal”, Kerry Washington teamed up with The Limited to put together a complete fashion line to suit the needs of modern professionals. There’s plenty to love here; smooth cool neutral outfits stand bold with nary a flash of color in sight. A lone bolero-styled dress stands out in bright jade, a perfect shade to keep in mind when choosing other outfit elements like handbags, scarves, and make-up. Some pieces speak for themselves, though. There’s no need to spice up a minimalist womans blazer when the highly-structured cuts and heavily-textured materials say it all. The entire collection is an ode to the subtleties of professional women’s fashion, and has the added bonus of being designed with professional women of all races and skin-tones in mind.

Effortless Femme

Modern jackets for women sometimes fall too far on the side of power-suit for many professionals to find them comfortable. Jessica Simpson’s collections offer interesting takes on a lower-key femininity that may appeal to some professional women who wish to keep a warm feminine vibe. Her most recent collection, Spring/Summer for 2015, is inspired by a trip through the American Southwest and it shows through in the sun-warmed textures and fabrics. For easy-going executives, or those in warmer climates seeking something breezier, consider a less-structured jacket or cardigan made of lighter, lower-texture material without a collar or buttons. Light colors and neutrals can be used to balance out a brightly-colored top or scarf, or a vividly-colored jacket may top off a monochrome palette.