Latest fashion trends 2011.

Latest fashion trends 2011.

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The latest trends change so fast that what’s in tomorrow is already in the news today.FASHION Week ends today in New York, even as we speak. You already have an idea of what to expect for Spring/Summer 2012.But aren’t we just starting the Autumn/Winter 2011 fashion season? Well, you’ve just got to love fashion, if not for anything, for the speed in which it moves.Who cares about Autumn/Winter? The style set is already taking notes on what to wear next season, and with social media and live streaming, you don’t have to physically be at any Fashion Week. Even better, most brands would have selected clothes to be pre-ordered soon for those who can’t wait until they hit the stores or want a jump start on the latest looks.Given this current climate, there’s no such thing as waiting anymore. If you wImage result for Latest fashion trends 2011.ant to get ahead of everyone else, you would have observed, dissected and noted what to buy and wear.As I’m writing this, New York Fashion Week (NYFW) isn’t over yet, so I can’t give a rundown. Besides, there’s still London, Paris and Milan coming up. But, there were some collections shown that had some beautiful and interesting looks.My favorite is The Row by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. The duo have an uncanny knack for knowing what women want to wear. Actually, it’s the things they want to wear or have in their wardrobe, and being spot-on in most of their fashion choices, which others seem to go for as well. Their multimillion dollar sales speak for itself, and the label which started in 2007, is known for its luxurious but classic edgy look.For their Spring/Summer 2012 collection, it’s all about gorgeous, wearable pieces in a predominantly white palette. Easy looks of loose pants, chiffon and tulle overlays, satin pajamas, tunic tops, long and cropped jackets dominated the show. There were also specific detailing here and there just to give things an interesting variation. The best look, to me, was the caftan with detailing on the bodice. Simplicity in elegance was the keyword for this collection.One of Sarah Jessica Parker’s favourite designers, Prabal Gurung, pushed the buttons in his SS2012 collection with engineered prints and transparent dresses. My favourite dress was a transparent black and white one with what looked like a criss-cross bodice of black leather strings at the waist. I also liked a print dress that had a handkerchief hemline but am not too sure of some of the plastic-looking latex materials used for a coat and some of the other outfits.

Alexander Wang’s collection was all sporty and athletic with plenty of mesh thrown in. Am not a fan of this collection, but am sure those who like hard-wired, sporty looks will go for this. Perfect for hanging out at a “Fast and Furious” type of gathering.Altuzarra also went for sporty, with lots of fabulous fitted sleek dresses and plenty of prints. Leather and mesh were also thrown in the mix, so you had a combination of a print T-shirt with leather sleeves, or a half-leather skirt, and print and leather dresses.I’m looking forward to seeing Marc Jacobs, of course. I love that his collections have more polished, grown-up looks and he’s always been a personal favourite. I have been lucky enough to actually attend his shows at NYFW before, and that’s always been a thrill. The other collection I’m looking out for is Victoria Beckham’s. Now, she is a celebrity turned fashion designer success story (like the Olsens) and her clothes always look right whether she’s wearing it or designing it. The thing with Beckham is that it’s always about the fit, so her clothes always fall perfectly. And really, when it comes to clothes, it is always, always about the fit.

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